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Why the school exists

Our main goal is to provide quality and professional training programs, taking into account the time flexibility of each candidate.

The focus of individual educational programs is mainly focused on current issues of individual scientific disciplines and all alternative solutions.

The modern form of education saves applicants primarily time, but also money . In the world of entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers or all other busy people, it is very difficult to define the time space for further education, which is a necessary means of self-realization and especially of career growth.

Education without worries

You will be able to study MBA and other professional degrees at ÚPPV. We guarantee that.

At your own pace

Study whenever you have free time. You decide the pace yourself.

Complete online study

MBA and other courses are studied online. All you need is a laptop with internet.


The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) analyzes and ensures the quality of distance and e-learning education.
iELA - The International E-learning Association is an international association for e-learning.
The WCI World Certification Institute is a global certification institute that accredits courses for educational organizations.


How you will study

The form of study offered by the ÚPPV is mainly provided by the distance form, namely
a combination of e-learning and self-study with lecturer meetings . This means that it is possible to study from anywhere in the world.

The ÚPPV also offers some educational programs for foreign students , especially in English and German.

The applicant determines the length of the study . A student can start studying at any time during the year after applying for study and paying tuition.

To successfully complete the study, the applicant submits continuous assignments during the study (specified in more detail next to the study) and at the end of the study the final work or practical project.

Finally, the candidate must pass a final test, and thus obtains a diploma with a professional degree.

You can study MBA and other fields with us

Don’t worry, you will graduate with an MBA and other degrees with us.
And if not, WE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY. And that’s fair, isn’t it?

What most often interests you about studying at ÚPPV

Frequently asked questions

The length of the study is individual, it depends on the abilities and time possibilities of each student. The study is fully adapted to the needs of the student.

Tuition fees can be paid in installments based on the student’s individual request. The repayment calendar is adapted to the possibilities of each student.

Based on international accreditation, professional studies at the ÚPPV school are recognized internationally.

As the whole study is adapted to the needs of the student, it is a matter of course that the whole study can be completed remotely online.

Students can apply for several educational programs at the same time, if their possibilities allow it.

If there is currently no campaign for a tuition discount, the student can apply for an individual discount or a group discount.


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The Institute of Law and Vocational Education (ÚPPV) is an educational institute in Slovakia that focuses on research and teaching in a wide range of social areas and in addition to scientific and pedagogical activities, the institute works closely with Slovak and European educational institutions, judicial authorities and various state or private institutions.

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