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Educational program focused on information technology, psychology and quantum physics.


Bachelor of Science

1st level of study – independent educational program. It is a preparation for the higher level of the MSc program.

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Master of Science

2nd level of study – specialized educational program. Continuation of bachelor’s and doctoral studies.

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Doctor of Science

3rd level – It is a continuation of the MSc study which is in-depth and is considered the third level of education.

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Bachelor of Science - BSc.

Master of Science - MSc.

Doctor of Science - DSc.

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Educational program

Who is it for?

The SCIENCE educational program is intended for applicants with a high school diploma, as well as university-educated applicants.

MSc programs. are aimed mainly at recent graduates (min. Bc degree) without managerial experience, who want to gain a theoretical basis in management disciplines. After graduating from the MSc program, this would represent a competitive advantage for them on the labor market .

The MSc programs cover a variety of areas from IT to natural sciences to social sciences. The very focus of the program is expressed after the title, e.g. Master of Science in Business Administration, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Information Technology, etc.

Upon completion of your studies, you will earn the degrees MSc., DSc. or BSc.

MSc study. with us you can do it

Don’t worry, graduate BSc., MSc. and DSc. with us you can do it.
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Benefits of studying the Science program

Why study MSc., BSc. and DSc. at ÚPPV

Študujte sociálne vedy na UPPV

Education without worries

MSc study. and other professional titles at ÚPPV. We guarantee that.

At your own pace

Study SCIENCE whenever you have free time. You decide the pace yourself.

Completely online

MSc study. and other departments takes place online. All you need is a laptop with internet.

About the BSc, MSc. and DSc.

How will you study at ÚPPV

The SCIENCE study is realized in the distance form – or a combination of the study itself and lecturer lectures and meetings.

The duration of the study is individual , it is determined by each student according to his workload. It is important that he / she fulfills all the conditions specified in the methodological instructions during the study, so that he / she can proceed to the final test and thus complete the study.

The ÚPPV teaches in Slovak, or in combination with the English language.


Register. Then we will send you an application and a contract. Once completed, you will receive a study plan, scripts, individual modules and methodological instructions.

The study

You study at home or in the office. Online. At your pace. Once in a while you will meet the lecturer at a lecture or lecturer meeting.

An exam

The study is completed by a final exam and a final thesis connected with the defense.

MSc degree.

At the end, you will receive a diploma of successful completion of the program and the relevant professional degree.


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